About the Brand

At Pro Vital, we believe that beauty is about feeling natural and free as much as you possibly can. We use gentle and more natural methods to hydrate the skin to create a more luminous younger appearance.  Our belief is that natural ingredients and high quality product materials are the most important factors in creating a superior product.  Natural products can greatly contribute to your beauty, confidence and wellness.

Every product we produce is cleverly fused with natural ingredients combined with global beauty concepts of modern science. The wisdom and resources of mother nature has influenced every product we create, resulting in hydrating skin with more natural methods  resulting in lasting appearance of youth.  Our natural ingredients include snail filtrate, organic aloe barbadensis leaf juice, beeswax and plant stem cell cultures that are produced by vitro.  We only use squalane that is natural and is plant derived.

All our products are contained in bottles made from expensive, heavy and lead free glass.  High quality glass is non-reactive to ensure no leeching of chemicals transfering to the creams and serums.  Our bottles have dispensing pumps with a seal cap to ensure no cross contamination of micro organisms and bacteria when dispensing the product to your hands.  The seal cap keeps air and dust from entering the dispensing pump nozzle to maintain a sterile and hygienic environment.  We will never use plastic jars for our products.  Due to cross contamination from your hands, plastic jars become a breeding environment for bacteria and micro organisms with time.

Our products are Earth-Friendly due to our product formulations having natural ingredients as the main bulk of the product. When ingredients for natural health and beauty products are farmed and manufactured organically, fewer chemicals are put into the air and water.  The materials used to create our products are made from recycled materials and we ask you as our client to please recycle the empty glass bottle and packaging after use.  

At Pro Vital, we are aware of the well being and lives of sentient animals on earth. Therefore, we will only use humans for non-comedogenic, allergy and all other cosmetic testing.  We will never test on animals.   All our products and ingredients are Leaping Bunny certified and produced by certified cruelty-free methods.

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